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University City

It's incredible to imagine such a place to live...

//University City

Why isometric?

It is the visual representation of a three-dimensional object in two dimensions, in which the three main orthogonal axes, when projected, form angles of 120º, and the dimensions parallel to said axes are measured on the same scale.

University Citye

Category : Animation

University City (Isometric technique)

One of the things that I like a lot is to learn online and one of the first courses I took was to perform an animation of an isometric scene. The theme was divided into a demonstration of a University City and a room. This course I had the opportunity to take it in

  • Date : October 2016
Marcelo Girón

Definitely the world of animation every day has something new to show us. On this occasion I wanted to make a project in which I represent the model of a room and a city for university students. A comfortable space in which anyone would like to live.


- Adobe Illustrator - Adobe After Effects

COURSE (Animated City)

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