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The Kingdom of the Turtles should always be the place where the life of the turtles is respected.

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Category : 3D

The Kingdom

In the last few years thousands of campaigns have been created regarding the care of the environment and the damage that is done to living beings, with the mishandling of the waste that reaches the different ecosystems. Undoubtedly the campaigns in favor of the turtles have been much enhanced to such an extent that in many countries, cities and businesses have prohibited the use of straws or any product that is made of plastic. 

So this time we made a small tribute to these animals and create a bit of awareness about the care of these animals and all, it is in our hands to make a real change that at the end of the day we end up affecting us. A large part of the elements used in this composition are a representation of textures, colors, shapes, figures, elements that we find in nature. Based on a study conducted in the ecosystems and turtles allows us to create a setting of a sunrise on the beach that is often the perfect time for the release of the same, represented in the brightness and reflections of each of the textures and elements

Along the huge beaches in America we can find hundreds of beaches and organizations that take care of turtles. What stands out most of these places are its reefs and virgin beaches that are the favorite place of white turtles and loggerheads to nest. Furthermore, to guarantee the conservation and preservation of the different natural reserves, environmental education is also provided to groups of all educational levels who request it to know the area.

The Kingdom of the Turtles should always be the place where the life of the turtles is respected.


Marcelo Girón

This project is part of a course in one of my favorite learning pages (Domestika) the course is called: Prototyping and product visualizations in Cinema 4D. The important thing about this course is that it allows us to use different tools such as Adobe Illustrator and export traces to CINEMA 4D, so the possibilities are increasing.


- CINEMA 4D - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Photoshop

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