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The Boat

- An incredibly strange and funny story -

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//The Boat

The Boat

Category : 3D

Why a boat?

The boat, an incredibly strange and funny story, It is a project full of small details that make a great composition, for example: transparencies, games and distractors.

Each shape, texture, and color of the project allow us to show a perfect environment of our boat, recreating how would it be our boat adventure, natural elements have been an important part of all our project.

This is the incredible 3D that allows you to create any idea, fantasy, dream and make it come true, who would not want to have an adventure like that?

So swimming in a boat? Sounds crazy, but have fun.

  • DATE : DECEMBER 2018
Marcelo Girón

'' 3D compositions have definitely created a revolution in the design and advertising industry. Part of my commitment as a professional is to create concepts and represent them in this way. Today with personal projects and tomorrow in major campaigns ''


- CINEMA 4D - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Photoshop

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