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The first creature is the stingray, they're often portrayed as deadly but in some cases they're also oddly adorable

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//Stranger Valley – Stingray –

Stranger Valley - Stingray -

Category : 3D

Why the Stingray it’s part of Stranger Valley?

Stranger Valley is coming to life, the first creature is the stingray, they’re often portrayed as deadly but in some cases they’re also oddly adorable this is a mysterious creature you need to know about.

Stingrays inhabit warm temperate and tropical waters, sometimes in great abundance. They are bottom dwellers and often lie partially buried in the shallows. Stingrays eat worms, mollusks, and other invertebrates, sometimes badly damaging valuable shellfish beds. They lash their tails when stepped on, and large stingrays can exert enough force to drive their tail spines into a wooden boat. The spines cause serious, extremely painful wounds that, if abdominal, may result in death.

  • Date : 21.04.2017
Marcelo Girón

''Stranger Valley was born as an experimental project, both to look for concepts in strange animals and to be able to combine the different textures that represent them''


- CINEMA 4D - Adobe Photoshop

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