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Natural Heartache

The memory of Stephanie come true.

//Natural Heartache

A great collaboration

This project was a collaboration of Maria Renee Santizo who was in charge of the idea, concept and illustrations of the whole project and Marcelo Girón in charge of the animation.

Natural Heartache

Category : Animation

The history of Natural Heartache

The story begins like this: Stephanie was a young girl who, like many of us, enjoyed nature and exercising, one day she grabbed her bicycle and took a walk along the park as it was surrounded by all the trees, shrubs, plants that had the place, the rain began to fall and the memories began to arrive, arriving quickly at home a little sad she leaned back in her favorite chair and slowly began to fall asleep.

In the dream her mother appeared more beautiful than ever next to one of her favorite plants where they used to play what Sthephanie wanted most in the world was to be able to hug her mother once more …

The dream was so real, that was the most sincere hug and with more love that someone could have felt, it was so real that when she woke up she had next to the armchair the favorite breast bracelet, she could not find an explanation for that, more than smile and realize that his mother will always be with her.

The end.

  • DATE : NOVEMBER 2018
  • ILLUSTRATIONS : Maria Renee Santizo
  • ANIMATION : Marcelo Girón
Maria Renee Santizo & Marcelo Girón

''An excellent collaboration between illustration, animation and a great concept.''


- Adobe Illustrator - Adobe After Effects

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